AC34 – Die schnellste Yacht der Welt kommt in San Francisco an

Hier sind einige Bilder von der Ankuft der US 17´s, mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Veranstalter:

MS0078 MS0078 MS0078 MS0078 MS0078


Mehr in englisch:

The world’s fastest yacht passed quietly under the Bay Bridge Monday evening — not on its own hulls (it has three of them) but disassembled on a cargo ship.

With its 185-foot mast, the yacht, USA 17, is too tall to sail into San Francisco Bay on its own.

The boat carried Larry Ellison’s BMW Oracle Racing team to victory in the 33rd America’s Cup off the coast of Spain last year, and now it is ushering in „the next America’s Cup era,“ said Stephanie Martin, spokeswoman for the America’s Cup event authority.

The vessel was unloaded in pieces Tuesday at Pier 80, where it will be stored until event officials can find a suitable location to display it publicly.

The towering trimaran won’t be sailed during the races planned for 2012 and 2013 on San Francisco Bay. Instead, participating teams will be using a newly designed catamaran called the AC 72, which is faster and requires fewer crew members, Martin said.


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