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Publikationen rund um die Uhr von der Regatta (Twitter). Gesendet vom Veranstalter und direkt vom Racing-Boot.

Team DongFeng:

Congratulations @CarolijnBrouwer , very well deserved👍 #womeninsailing

📹 From Europe, to the Middle-East, Asia and the America’s, our team deliver world-class pioneering events in some of the most challenging and beautiful settings on the planet 🌍 Here’s a look at where we’ve been so far in 2018 👉
#OCSport #DreamTeam

✔️A new view on the world's toughest race 👀
✔️Never-before-seen epic #SouthernOcean footage 💦
✔️World-class flying skills from our OBRs 🙌

Here are the BEST drone shots from 2017-18 – don't forget to tell us your favourite! 👇

Thank you for all the votes and kind words ❤️ #volvooceanrace #dongfengraceteam #lovemyteam

Congratulations to @CarolijnBrouwer for being awarded @SeahorseMag Sailor of the Month. Take a look at why people voted for her here: #volvooceanrace

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