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Das Volvo Ocean Race präsentiert unter dem Titel „Weekly Show Episode“ eine beeindruckende Serie von Videos aus der Rennserie 2008-09. Und hier sind 22 tolle Videos mit viel Action, Interviews und spektakulären Eindrücken.
(Kommentare und Interviews in Englisch)

Show Episode 1 (Alicante)

All the behind the scenes action in the build-up to the start of the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09 in Alicante.
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Show Episode 2 (Brazil)

The fleet charges towards Fernando de Noronha off the coast of Brazil at the start of Leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09.
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Show Episode 3 (to Cape Town)

The fleet heads South on Leg 1 of the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09, with the long charge across the Atlantic from Fernando de Noronha to Cape Town, South Africa.
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Show Episode 4 (Cape Town)

Cape Town, South Africa provides a haven for the 8 battered crews in Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09. Telefonica Black brings up the rear after damage on Leg 1. 9 more months of Life At The Extreme await them!
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Show Episode 5 (Cape Town)

In Cape Town, South Africa the crews are thinking over how they make a step change in performance and improve more than their rivals. Repairs are conducted across the fleet. A hijacking briefing captures the Skippers’ attention!
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Show Episode 4 (Cape Town)

In Cape Town, South Africa the crews are thinking over how they make a step change in performance and improve more than their rivals. On Leg 2 from Cape Town, South Africa to Cochin, India — PUMA breaks its back, Green Dragon its boom and Telefonica Blue loses sails.
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Show Episode 7 (to Cochin, India)

On the way to Cochin, India the fleet looks to navigate their way through the Doldrums. Some take a big gamble as Leg 2 approaches its conclusion.
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Show Episode 8 (Cape Town to Cochin)

Leg 2 from Cape Town, South Africa to Cochin, India promised to be a true test of both boat and sailor — it lived up to all expectations.
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Show Episode 9 (Cochin, India)

In Cochin, India the crews are thinking over how they make a step change in performance and improve more than their rivals in the light airs predicted for Leg 3. Team Russia finally arrives into port!
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Show Episode 10 (Cochin to Singapore)

The fleet departs from Cochin, India bound for Singapore. Light winds at first quickly give way to high speed racing. Who’ll be first to the scoring gate ahead of the Malacca Straits?
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Show Episode 11 to Singapore

Near misses between the boats in the dark en route to Singapore and near disaster aboard Delta Lloyd.
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Show Episode 12 (Cochin to Singapore)

Cochin to Singapore on Leg 3 of the Volvo Ocean Race has been a trial of strength. An extraordinary end to the Leg with the closest finish in Volvo Ocean Race history and as Team Russia is forced to withdraw from the Race, for at least the next two Legs.
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Show Episode 13 (Singapore)

The first four boats cross the line in Singapore inside 20 minutes. Truly an extraordinary Race!
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Show Episode 14 (Singapore)

After 3 weeks in Singapore the teams are raring to go for the Singapore In-Port Race. Telefonica and PUMA are keen to claw back more of Ericssson 4′s lead.
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Show Episode 15 (Singapore to Qingdao)

Singapore and after the In-Port Race attentions are turned to what may lie ahead for the fleet en route to China through the South China Sea. There are fears that not all the boats will make it safely to Qingdao!
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Show Episode 16 (China Sea)

The fleet approaches the eye of a catastrophic storm in the South China Sea.
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Show Episode 17 (to Qingdao)

They said the Leg to China would be tough, no-one knew how tough. This really is Life At The Extreme.
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Show Episode 18 (Qingdao)

In Qingdao, China and Taiwan (!) the fleet licks its wounds ahead of the Qingdao In-Port Race. Will Ericsson 3 be ready in time to sail to Qingdao for the start of Leg 5?
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Show Episode 19 (leaving Qingdao)

A five week test of courage and endurance from Qingdao, China to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Will Ericsson 3 make it to the start-line in time? Watch for the most dramatic of starts to the Leg for Telefonica.
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Show Episode 20 (to Fiji)

Ericsson 3 and Telefonica Blue charge from their delayed starts to overhaul Green Dragon and begin challenging PUMA and Ericsson 4 for the lead of the Leg en route to Fiji. Crucial decision that could mean a difference of 1000 miles are up ahead.
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Show Episode 21 (Southern Ocean, Qingdao to Rio)

After sailing 5000 miles the top three boats are separated by less than 5 miles. The fleet tries to dodge the light-air clouds and prepares itself for the onslaught of the Southern Ocean, Qingdao to Rio.
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Show Episode 22 (Southern Ocean, Qingdao to Rio)

Ericsson 3 makes a radical gamble, will it pay off all the way to Rio? Meanwhile more disaster on-board Telefonica Blue deep in the Southern Ocean, Qingdao to Rio.
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